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I apologize if this is in the wrong place. I am in the process of undertaking starting up a 4 sport dynasty league. We will be doing football, baseball, basketball, and hockey 12 teams. I have a lot of experience with football and baseball, and we have a lot of guys in the league with a lot of experience in hockey and basketball, but nobody has done dynasty in either sport. 


I have been looking for format suggestions on google but haven't found anything. Does anyone play dynasty hockey that can help? I am just looking for what you do with things like roster size, starters, bench size, etc. Also if anyone has a link to a good article that explains the set up I'd really appreciate it! 


Again sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot. 

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What site are you planning on using?  The biggest issue I find with dynasty hockey leagues is keeping track of minor league players. None of the major sites really build minor league spots to keep players. Here's some ideas on different formats:


There really is endless possibilities. You have to decide how important waiver wire is as opposed to drafting. IMO a true dynasty means focussing on prospects so a deep minor league roster is important. You could easily make it 8 to 10 guys/team without impacting NHL rosters. 


You'll probably want to limit goalie rosters. Guys will hoard goalies and after a few years it'll be tough on new owners or weak owners to field a decent goalie and thus continue being weak or unable to change their fortune and will lose interest.


As for rosters, the standard 6F, 4D, 1G should work best for a starting lineup.  You have to decide whether to split the forwards into Wings and Centers or Left/Right wing and centers or just leave it as F.  Again that depends on the site as some are better than others at determining position eligibility.  As for bench spots....My keeper (which some consider a dynasty given the keeper league rules) has 16 teams with 20 spots on the pro roster (excluding minor leaguers). People have no problem filling those spaces so with a 12 team league you could go as deep as 24 or 25 roster spots.  Throw in extra categories like Blocked Shots, or Hits and you'll expand the player pool enough where even 5th or 6th d-men on a team will be worthy of a roster spot.


Cheers and good luck

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