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30 Team NBA Dynasty Start Up (H2H, ESPN,$25 - Low Buy-In) If you are going to put the time into a 30 Team League, you might as well make a profit from it!!

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We are looking members that will promote a healthy, thriving active league. IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE AN ACTIVE OWNER, PLEASE DON'T BOTHER APPLYING. We already have some very active owners and we are looking to make that number grow.


We have a unique start up structure where you can keep 2 people from the original roster, and build around them. Unlike most 30 teamers, everyone has a chance to win from day one!!! CBA based rules give the league and owners a real GM experience!


We host our league app through Tapatalk and we also have a Groupme chat for everything from sport/trash talk.


The weekly league match ups are hosted via ESPN, yet league management is done through our league ProBoards forum*. *Look, I understand alot of people are not big on Proboards, especially if you have ever used it for a standard size league, it can at times seem like overkill. Well this is a 30 team, contract league, so Proboards is actually a beneficial tool for league management.


If you are looking for a league that has dedicated owners, this is the one. We have a very aggressive recruiting strategy for weeding out inactive owners early. We are not asking someone to spend 5 hours a day on fantasy, but we do ask you respond to league correspondence in a timely fashion and engage with other owners. May be your last chance to get in before everything kicks off!!!!


For more details please visit the league site at


If accessing the site via mobile device, make sure to select "DESKTOP" in the bottom right corner!!! Visit START HERE and read the Welcome and Rules board. If you are interested, please sign up under the 2017/2018 GM Waitlist thread.


The Buy-in is $25 and are collected through Leaguesafe. We are currently in our open enrollment. If you claim a team, it is best to pay your dues ASAP. If not, another owner can pay the dues for you team and take them from you. It is on a first come, first served basis in regard to paying and claiming your franchise.


Available Teams: Nets (Roster is based off the end of last season, so no, you won't have D-Lo), Raptors

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