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Who to take 1st overall?

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In my fantasy league each team selects about 70% of their roster to carry over into the next season. The rest of the players are thrown into free agency where a supplemental draft is held every off-season to fill out your remaining roster.

I have first overall pick in this year's draft, and I can't decide who to take 1st overall. The debate is between: Kyle Okposo, Vincent Trocheck, and Jaden Schwartz.

Considering it is a semi-dynasty league I have a chance of keeping one of these guys for numerous years if they're good enough. I know Okposo is a little more skilled, but he's older and more injury prone. It's tough to shy away from him though when he's slotted to play with Eichel.

To put things into better perspective, my bottom Top 15 players that I'm carrying over are: J. Staal, Atkinson and Henrique.

There's a good chance one of Okposo, Tro, or Schwartz can remain on my roster for years to come, that's if they make my Top 15 every year. A couple other names out there I like are Vatanen and Parayko, but I am more need of a F than D.

The league does track +/-, PIM, SOG, HIT, BLK, PPP, SHP as well as G, A, PTS

Was originally locked to take Tro (considerably more hits/shots than Okposo) but it's tough.

Would appreciate your input.


Also, nobody like Hischier, Patrick, etc, is available.

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In a deep mini-dynasty league I wouldn't take a near 30 year old over a 24 and 25 year old with similar stats. I've learned the hard way that taking players based on who you think they will be playing with is a disaster waiting to happen. All it takes is a coach to decide to "shake things up" and your stud is now getting 3rd line minutes with a plug. So leave Okposo alone.


It comes down to Trocheck and Schwartz. I see these as pretty much the same player. Will get you 60 - 70 points. So looking at your peripheral stats SOG and Hits greatly favour Trocheck. Special teams probably favour Schwartz.  Schwartz has received Lady Byng votes in the past so PIMs would be Trocheck. 


I think because he greatly outperforms Schwartz on a few categories and would be basically even with him on the other categories I would go Trocheck. 


If you have any spot on D though Parayko is the way to go.

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