William Contreras - C, ATL

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Not Wilson....but his little brother William!



William Contreras is 19 (turns 20 this December) and is playing Rookie-level ball in the Appalachian league.  He is batting .320 with 3 homeruns in 97 ABs.  He has also shown some strength with 7 doubles and a triple.  Most encouraging though is he has the same amount of walks as strikeouts, 15.   


He is someone to keep an eye on in deeper leagues.  The braves have jackson, cumberland, and lugbauer (In AA, A+, A respectively) ahead of him, and all are doing very he is currently blocked.  But with the way he is playing, he could find himself in A ball next year, and he could be a sleeper fairly soon.  I was keeping him a secret, but I see there was a minorleagueball article on him today, so the cat is out of the bag!



Contreras has improved offensively across the board. He is slashing .320/.409/.506 through 26 games, compiling an outstanding .914 OPS behind a 140 wRC+. He was never an overwhelming concern in the strikeout department, but has shown much-improved patience at the plate. He’s walked the same amount of times (15) as he has struck out and to put it into deeper perspective two of those strike outs came on Saturday night.



Calvagno feels that he is very athletic behind the plate and moves well, but also noted that he had some trouble blocking balls in the dirt. Passed balls were certainly a problem in his debut, but he seems to have gotten that a bit more under control this season, allowing only two. He didn’t officially clock it, but Calvagno was impressed with his pop time as well, stating he’s a very quick catcher. He threw out another runner last night, but is still throwing out just 18 percent of his base runners this year. That’s a decent number, but well below the impressive 33 percent of base runners he threw out last season. It’s safe to say that Calvagno feels that his overall technique is a work in progress, but likes a lot about his skill set.







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24 minutes ago, Fantasy Dork said:

Are the Contrerases the new Molina? Any chance there is a third brother coming down the pike?


Sadly, it is just these two i think

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