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ESPN, 10 teams, $250 buy-in ($500 for Weekly Prizes and $2000 for Playoff Prizes)

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Hey all!

I'm running a 10 man league on ESPN with Standard, Decimal scoring (to prevent ties). There is a $250 Buy-in, with $500 being reserved for weekly prizes and $2000 for end of playoff prizes. 6 teams make the playoffs, with the top 2 regular season records getting a bye week. I tried to include all important information, please post questions here or e-mail me. 


Draft: Tuesday, September 5th, 2017  8 or 8:30 PM

I will have a cookout in the DC area right before our offline draft. If you can't attend, I have made the draft accessible through Google Video Chat and Google Drive. You don't have to connect through Google Video Chat, but we've used it to streamline the draft and make trades/trade offers easier to initiate and negotiate.


I have 5 people joined with 2 maybes, but I am looking for 5 more people. Once I have 10 confirmed, I'll collect the money the Friday before the draft up until draft day. You must pay before we draft. I'll collect through cash and Venmo, then deposit it into a brand new bank account. Anytime a member asks to see the money, I'll log into the bank account, take a screenshot of the account balance and post it or send it in the group text thread.


Weekly payouts are made every Tuesday and the Championship payout will be made the Tuesday following Week 16. Payouts will be made through Venmo. We won't be using LeagueSafe, as we have weekly payouts to pay and cannot do so through LeagueSafe. 


I've been commissioner of leagues for 9 years and haven't had any problems. I value opinions of every league member and try to leave everything up to a vote. This will be an interactive league and I will post an in-depth league note at least 11 out of the 13 weeks and all 3 weeks of the playoffs.



$500 In-Season Prizes

Weekly Prizes Highest Scoring Team - $5 ($65 total - 13 weeks)

Best Player of week List - $7 ($91 total)
- Everyone submits one player from their opponent who they 
 think will be their opponents highest scorer
- Winner is the team with the highest scorer who isn't on the list
- If highest scorer is on list, $4 is given to person who put that 
 player on the list and $3 is added to the End of Season Pool  

Rivalry Week (Weeks 5 and 11) - $6 ($60 total)
- We might replace Rivalry week once everyone joins and we  
  vote if we should do rivalry week or not

- If no Rivalry Week, we'll probably use the $60 to purchase a League Trophy this year and then find a use for the $60 next year, but I want a League Vote on this matter

End of Season Awards (Still part of In-Season $500)

1) Juggernaut (Highest Scoring Team) - $30

2) Unlucky (Most Scored on Team) - $10

3) Survivor! - $50 Each week, lowest scoring team is eliminated. Last man standing wins

4) Forrest Gump (Longest Touchdown of Season) - $20

5) End of Season Pool - Starts with $14 and will have money added from weekly prizes that aren't won --- is given to the team with the #1 Overall Scoring Fantasy Player (ie Aaron Rodgers, etc)

End of Season Standings (still part of In-Season $500)

1st - $75

2nd - $50

3rd - $25

4th - $25

5th through 10th - nothing



Playoff Prizes - $2000

1st - $1100

2nd - $500

3rd - $250

4th - $100

5th or 6th - $50 to the highest scoring loser of 1st round playoff game


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12 minutes ago, jondaho said:

When is draft 

Tuesday, September 5th at 8 or 8:30 PM. If you're in the DC area, I'm inviting local members to my house at 6:30-7 for a small cookout before the draft. 


I prefer 8, but we might have a member on the west coast and so I would give them some extra time to get home from work. 

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drafting using ESPN now, not doing a live draft/using Google Drive 

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Slight changes.


1) Will collect $200 through LeagueSafe and will collect the other $50 through PayPal or Venmo. This way we can still payout our weekly payouts and end of season payouts, while also keeping the $200 safe. I'm happy with that compromise reached with others.


2) We're drafting via ESPN, as only three people are joining the cookout. The rest of our members are scattered across the east coast. 

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need one! hoping to draft at 9!


LeagueSafe link and league invite will be sent upon request/confirmation for the last available spot!

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1 minute ago, jdizzle said:

i will get in... email me info

I just sent the e-mail. It has the LeagueSafe link and also the league invite.

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