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Hogan or Amendola?? WHIR

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Hogan definitely. This is coming from a diehard Pats fan that read daily training camp reports. Im expecting Hogan to have a breakout year. He had double the snaps as Dola in Week 1 (Hogan and not Cooks was out there for 1WR sets) and still got a good number of targets. For whatever reason Brady overthrew everyone but Dola that night which resulted in the statline you see. Another huge sign is that they did like 4 end arounds with Hogan and clearly want the ball in his hands while they limit the snaps of Dola.


I havent even begun on their talent difference, ceiling and Dolas injury issues....




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As a Pats fan who is not nearly as well read as the previous: I love love Amendola as a player, but he's old, man. Even if Hogan doesn't have the break-out year, Amendola will be out sooner than later, and it will take a long time to recover. I hope both stay healthy, but the smart money is on Hogan.

Disclaimer: we are talking Bill Belichick's players. Any position is always by committee and up for grabs, there are no safe spots, and you really never know who he's going to play. But if you ask me which of the two will be the best bet by say week 10, then go Hogan.

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