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NFL - The Week That Was - Week 1

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Welcome back Football Fans and those that can read. This is THE WEEK THAT WAS starring week 1 of the NFL 2017 Football Season. 
First we go to Houston where J.J. Watt lead a fundraiser raising over $22 million dollars to help with the recovery left behind from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. For the introductions of the Houston against Jacksonville game Watt came out of the tunnel with high energy waving the Texas State Flag. Everyone was fired up. Texan Players were ready to play this game for the city of Houston. The fans were pumped up as the Houston Players were ready to take the field. Prepared to win and win big! Then the game started, reality set in and by halftime Houston fans were devastated yet once again as the Jaguars mauled the Texans to a 29-7 onslaught. Sorry Tom Savage but you are not the answer for Brock who was not the answer for the last nine QB’s who have failed Houston Fans under the Bill O’Brien regime.

Next we go to the defending champs where the Hunt was on. The Patriots were abused by a Rookie Running Back that set records and shattered the hearts of the Boston faithful. Tight End Rob Gronkowski looked liked he was still hungover from this summer’s, Gronk long spring break. Alex Smith played liked the Tom Brady of last year and TB12 played like the Scott Tolzien of this year. 
On that note, congratulations to Los Angeles Rams on the win to start the 2017 NFL Season against the Luckless Colts. Goff and the offense were clicking but it was the Rams defense that stole the show. Two pick sixes for poor Scott Tolzien who may never start another game in the NFL until there is a player’s strike and then maybe not even then. *Side Note - approximately was quoted as a 48,000 attendance out of a 93,000 capacity stadium. Even Colts punter McAfee tweeted a photo just as they were starting the game of a half-filled stadium with the caption, “…ain’t nobody there.” * 
The Oakland Raiders visited the Titans of Tennessee with the Raiders pulling out the impressive victory. Beast Mode took advantage of his opportunities for 92 total yards on the day. The Raiders offense was clicking but it was the Titans offense making the Raiders Defense look better than they were. Mariota and the offense looked a little winded, unsettled, and unsure of their offensive play calling. 
David Johnson suffers a horrible broken wrist in a loss for Arizona that made Carson Palmer look more like old man Arnold Palmer. Grab a desk Carson or start eating like Gilsele’s Tom Tom because it looks like father time is at your door. The bad news from the game is looks like DJ should be out until December hopeful to be back for Christmas but even more hopeful if that offense can survive without him and make it to the playoffs. Arizona’s defensive players held their breath when Johnson went down as the Playoff hopes for Arizona fall heavily on Peterson, Mathieu and that Defense. 
If anyone got a chance to watch that “Tanking for the Season so we can draft USC’s Sam Darnold or Wyoming’s Josh Allen or UCLA’s John Rosen” Jets against the Bills game, I’m sorry.Terribly sorry for your pain. The Jets had an end zone interception and plenty of green real estate to return the football for a Touchdown. With blockers ahead of Burris, he looked liked he was going the distance for the “Tanking of the Season so we can draft USC’s Sam Darnold or Wyoming’s Josh Allen or UCLA’s John Rosen” Jets. The Jets looked like they may actually win this game. Thank goodness Burris’s teammate Maye realized what was happening and tackled his own player before Burris could make the mistake of actually returning an interception for a Touchdown. (In Maye’s defense though he was actually pushed into Burris from a Bill’s player. Mark Sanchez sits in relief tonight as maybe this folly of a play will keep New York occupied from remembering the famous butt fumble). McCoy looked healthy, fast, and flashy though. 

Offensive line issues were a problem for several teams in week 1 including the New York Football Giants. The Giants were man handled by Jerry’s Team 19-3. OBJ was out for Week 1 and it showed. Jerry’s Team’s Defensive Backs smothered the WR’s and TE’s. Leading rusher for the Giants was Perkins at an embarrassing 16 yards. *Side Note - Supposedly OBJ had a dance off the Thursday before with Russell Westbrook while Wyclef Jean was on stage performing. Look it up if you want. 
The Panthers spanked the offensive-less 49ers 23-3. 49ers talented Rookie Linebacker Reuben Foster suffered a high ankle sprain of which there is no time table for him to return at this point. Vikings Defense showed up to cause problems for Brees and the Saints as Sam Bradford had the game of his Vikings Career throwing for 346 yards and 3 Touchdowns, 2 of those going to Sophomore phenom Wide Receiver Stephon Diggs. 
The Ravens shut out the Bengals as Red Rifle Dalton looked more like a water-pistol producing an offensive performance that made even Pop Warner teams shaking their heads at such an atrocious performance. 
Cleveland almost pulled off an upset but ultimately lost to the Steelers as Antonio Brown goes off with 11 receptions for 182 yards. J.J. Watt’s younger brother T.J. had an impressive first game of his NFL Career with 2 sacks, 1 interception, and 5 solo tackles. Chicago almost defeated the NFC Conference Champion Falcons but Chicago forgot how to cover Wide Receivers and Tight Ends as Hooper was left all by himself without a Defensive Player no where near him. Ryan for Hooper 88-Yard TD Reception. But it came down to the last Offensive possession for da Bears. In a missed opportunity with the ball on the Falcons 5-Yard line, $45 million dollar QB, Glennon failed on the first three passing downs and then was sacked on 4th down by Reed. Ball game over. Not a redemption for the Falcons after blowing that lead in the 2nd half in the Super Bowl, but they will take a win to the start the 2017 Season. 
Then there’s the Eagles Defense stepping up against the Washington Redskins. In a 30-17 Eagles win it was Sophomore QB Wentz that won the battle over the “You Like That!” QB of Washington. Fat Rob looked well….bad. Kelley rushed 10 times for 30 yards. Even the Giants think the Redskins backfield is a mess. 
Lastly the Los Angeles Chargers were at the Denver Broncos. Both Rivers and Simeon had multiple passing Touchdowns but it would all come down to a game tying Field Goal with time running out. Chargers with five seconds to go in regulation and down 24-21 line up for the 44-Yard Field Goal attempt. Football is hiked, ball in the holder’s hands, ball is down, Koo makes contact, ball in the air…..and it’s blocked! Shelby Harris blocks the Field Goal. Broncos win. Los Angeles Chargers lose. Welcome to LA officially where no one cares about Football anymore. Maybe the Chargers could use a motivational speech from self proclaimed Awesome Person, LaVar Ball. 
One final thing is if anyone watched the Raiders vs Titans game you may have heard a familiar voice. Though this time the retired QB wasn’t behind the podium but behind the microphone. Tomo aka Tony Romo called the game with seasoned broadcaster/analyst Jim Vance. While Tomo was sharp is his debut behind the booth it was his predictions before the snap that made social media headlines. Have fun look it up and give it a listen to. 
With Week 1 in the books we look forward to Week 2 as we conclude with the famous words from Edward Murrow, “Goodnight and Goodluck”.

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