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Fantasy Basketball 20 Team H2H League
Salary Cap/Fantasy Wager
-Contact Info "" 917 962 7792


paypal entry fee send as friends or family to ""


No Waivers you begin with $1000 salary and you cannot go over
-----how do i add more fantasy salary cap money to bid on free agents?
1.You May Trade players for fake salary cap $or
2.Place a Fantasy Wager every friday on those nights games using vegas odds
(I will be using the website "sports interaction"..if your low on salary cap or
looking to win more cap i will make a wager thread where i will post the
nights games
Lines and Wagers will take place Thursdays 8PM-Midnight
for the next days games,and winnings posted right after Midnight.Friday

Note*Some free agents wont be bid on and can be had for as little as $0

Basic Settings (Edit)
League Name
AABA WorldBasketball Association

Number of Teams
Scoring Type Head to Head Each Category
Format League Manager
Make League Viewable to Public
Acquisition and Waiver Rules
Lineup Changes
Daily - Lock Individually at Scheduled GametimeDaily - Lock at First Game of DayWeekly - Lock at First Game of Week?

 Player Acquisition System No Waivers?
Free Agent Auction?

Season Acquisition Limit
None No Limit?

Matchup Acquisition Limit
No LimitUse the same limit for all matchups?

Waiver Process Days and Time
Tuesday Friday  Sunday 11 PM

Player Acquisition Budget
Minimum Bid 0
Current Roster Size: 11
Total Starters: 6
Total On Bench: 5 (1 IR)
Position Starters Maximum
Point Guard (PG) 1 No Limit
Shooting Guard (SG) 1 No Limit
Small Forward (SF) 1 No Limit
Power Forward (PF) 1 No Limit
Center (C) 1 No Limit
Util (UTIL) 1 N/A
Bench (BE) 5 N/A
Injured Reserve (IR) 1 N/A
 Games Played Limits (Maximums)
All Players
No Limit
Points (PTS)  Blocks (BLK)
Steals (STL)  Assists (AST)
Offensive Rebounds (OREB)  Defensive Rebounds (DREB)
Turnovers (TO)  Three Pointers Made (3PM)
Free Throw Percentage (FT%)  
Draft Settings
Sunday, October 15, 2017 at 8:30 PM ET
Seconds Per Pick
Draft Order
Randomized One Hour Prior to Draft Time






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