Someone start a weekly points league!

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On 10/1/2017 at 8:30 PM, raidaz18 said:

$50-75 through leaguesafe


ESPN format

This is what I'm looking for too.

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Alrighty guys...... 12 team Weekly Lock H2H Points League


Please take the time to look at the scoring, I don't want to hear complaining after we start league.  I have 3 confirmed right now, need 9 more.  Here is some other info about league: 


*$150 Free Agent Budget (Minimum spend $0) 

          -What this means is if you have waiver for $0 placed on player, you will get them as long as no one else has bid more, unless lower on waiver priority. 

          - Make it a possibility to still add players if you're at $0 later in season

* Scoring bonus for: Double Doubles (4 points) Triple Doubles (6) and Quadruple Doubles (8)  (Not a lot but with all points generated from stats I feel it's correct) 

* (2) Waiver days per week (Thursday morning and Sunday morning @ 11 AM EST)

* (6) Teams will make the playoffs (top 2 get 1st round bye) 

* Payouts (1st Place: $575) (2nd Place: $225) (3rd Place: $100) Playoff finish is place.  LeagueSafe Payments will take majority vote to approve payouts. 

* Draft Day/Time:  Aiming for Sunday, October 15th or Monday, October 16th at 9 P.M. EST  (There will be a poll on league page to decide) 


How to join: Please message on here if you're interested, I will then send you invite from league and I expect LeagueSafe payment ASAP to lock down your spot.  LeageSafe information is listed on League main page.  If I see you're taking a while to pay, I will drop you from league and find someone else, time is of essence.  This will be a very fun/competitive league, we're very active in trades and adding/dropping of players.  Look forward to hearing from y'all!!!!!!

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Got it. I'm in. Only scoring note I would have would be to maybe increase the bonuses for triple and quadruple doubles. 

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We can talk about any changes/improvements before draft.  But if I increase those numbers Westbrook gets even further from the pack in points scored.  I figure with all of the points for (Steals, Assists, Blocks, Points, etc.) It is a nice to have the bonuses be lower.  Evens the playing field.  So I'm going to keep as is for now.

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