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So with Derek Carr going down, and lack of depth at all my positions hindering trading opportunity, im forced to look to the wire for a replacement QB. Its a 16 team league so the wire is very thin at QB, but how would you rank them for the rest of the season (or at least until Carr returns)? Im 1-3 right now











My team if it helps at all (1/2 PPR) Start 1QB, 2 RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1Flex

QB: Carr

RB: McCoy, White, West, McFadden, Tolbert, David Johnson

WR: OBJ, Hopkins, Fitz, Corey Davis, Paul Richardson

TE: Walker


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I'd say Flacco, Brissett, Trubisky, McCown, Hoyer, Keenum, Manuel.  I don't trust Tubisky.  Brissett has weapons so as long as Luck is out, which could be a while longer or all season, he should be good.  Flacco might end up with a running game as the season goes on so the passing game might end up getting a bit easier and there's no question of who's going to start all season with him.


I have two.


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I guess I'd prefer the optimism of the unknown and go with Trubisky or Manuel.  This is mostly cause you are 1-3 and it seems like you need a higher risk/reward.  If you feel the rest of the team is good, then I'd go Flacco as the "safer" pick

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