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Need 6 or 7.....leave your email on home page it's so you can get the draft order.   It will be set once we fill 


Leave email or email me


14 week Regular Season 
Each team will go against 2 other teams each of 14 weeks 
I will keep track of your record on home page 
Each team is set on bye weeks for 14 weeks 
Schedules are posted in a thread on right hand column of the this page 
Play Divisional Opponents twice, other teams once. 28 possible wins 
12 teams make the playoffs, match ups are 2 weeks per match up 
8 other teams will play each other in a consolation bracket 
4 byes will be awarded for the top 4 seeds 
Top 4 seeds will be the 2 Divisional Winners and the next 2 best records regardless of Division 
Playoff match ups: 5v12 6v11 7v10 8v9 Highest winning seed will play #1 seed, next highest will be matched up against seed 2..... 
Tie breakers: Regular Season (1) Head to Head (2) Divisional Record (just for Division) (3) Total Points 
Tie breakers Playoffs: (1) Higher Seed moves on if tie 
Keepers: year 1 (3 keepers) year 2 (2 keepers) year 3 (1 keepers) year 4 (redraft) 
2018 Draft Order: I will post about this at a later time. 
Trades: I might try to put together a 3 man trade panel for all trades. If not we will go with league vote. 
3-1 or 2-1 trades will be looked at closely. 
I will make a few weekly and yearly trophies.

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