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$42 Head-Head - Points Daily Yahoo with Leaguesafe Draft Sunday Oct 15th 7pm

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This Fantasy Basketball League has been going for years. We have 3 open spots this year and are looking for Serious players only that will setup their lineups consistently. Not expensive to join and not a big payout but if you enjoy playing Fantasy Basketball with some good competition then this is the league for you.


10 teams $42 | Funds are collected and distributed by leaguesafe.com |  Why $42? The $2 dollar charge goes towards the Championship Trophy. Our scoring is set just as in real life NBA games. We have 20 roaster spots (6 starters 12 bench and 2 IL spots) Yes! very competitive and a whole lot of fun, which keeps teams able to have full lineups on each day (Even the slow days with only 4 games). No trades allowed, you can modify your team through the Waiver Wire (Max Acquisitions per Week: 4). Online Draft: Sun Oct 25th 7:00pm EDT



1st $240 and Trophy

2nd $100

3rd $60


Let me know if interested


Reach out to me on twitter @GodfadaChef


League link https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/hoopitupchampions


See scoring info below





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