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7 minutes ago, dmcjesus said:

i sent you an email chris, it says uve joined already. What is your email Beaux?


@ndebo11 league safe is used so that the league  manager cant just set up the league and run away with the money after everyone has paid. The payouts are assigned at the end of the season by the commissioner, unless a majority approval is picked or unanimous votes. The problem with that is that teams may not vote for the actual winners, so the commissioner assigning the winnings would be an easier method. Now there's a chance that the commissioner could be corrupt. I'm not sure, but you could file a complaint against the commissioner if he is trying to scam you. In all honesty, I have a decent job, and I love paying competitive fantasy, I will assign the winnings accordingly to the players that have won. At the end of it all i'm just looking for a fun league, with a chance to win for my efforts. I made this league because I was having trouble finding one at such short notice, not to scam people lol. So its really upto you and your judgement

I still don't have an invite to pay

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i sent you the link in your messages for the league safe. Scarella22, give me a few mins, i need to sort out who hasnt paid, I will be removing the owners that have not if they do not respond soon

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11/12 people paid, need one more person to fill up t he league. The draft order is determined in 35 mins and draft starts in 10:30 ET lets do this

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