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H2H 9 Cats (Points, rebounds, steals, assists, blocks, three, Fg%, Ft%, Turnovers)


Pg: Stephan Curry, Dennis Schroder, Marcus Smart Dejounte Murray


Sg: Jimmy Butler


Sf: Kawhi Lenoard, Taurean Prince


Pf:Ben Simmons, Marquese Chriss, Aaron Gordon Thon Maker


C: Joel Embiid, Steven Adams, Willy Hernangomez


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Is this 10 team? Pretty sweet having Steph, Kawhi, and Jimmy.


Kawhi probably fell or you traded some of your mid rounders. I'd probably try to trade Kawhi and Embiid for more reliable players once they get a string of games that make other owners go wow. It wouldn't mind if it was roto but players like Kawhi and Embiid could burn you once you get to the playoffs in H2H. Kawhi (wing for big) and Embiid (big for wing).


May I ask who the notable FAs are on your pool? Dejounte and Maker could probably be dropped for more proven players. You could take a wait and see approach on both of them first if you're quick to the wire.

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