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Big trade help

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Good Afternoon. Looking for some feedback if the following trade would benefit my team. 12 team h2h league. I give Murray, Voracek and Namesknitov and get Matthews, Talbot and Marchessault. Would this benefit my team?

12 team h2h league
skater - G A +/- PPP SOG PIM HITS BLKS
goalie - W SV% GAA SHO

C - Giroux, Trocheck, Stepan, Hyman(LW)
LW - Namestnikov(C), Marchand, Martin
RW - Radulov, Kucherov, Voracek, Boeser, Dadonov
D - Forbort, Cole, Gostisbere, J.Carslon, Shattenkirk, Borowiecki
G - Murray, Dubnyk
IR - Niedereiter

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I think I'd do it. More so if it's a keeper league though. If it's not a keeper then it's close.

Murray for Talbot is even. Basically it's whoever does better this year, PIT or EDM. I don't see much of a difference here. This season I'd prefer Murray and long-term I like Talbot.

Voracek + Namestnikov for Matthews + Marchessault is close as well. Matthews is the best player in the deal, no question. He's the goal scoring talent that you're probably currently missing from your lineup. Voracek and Namestnikov however are close behind in value. Both are lugging good minutes and producing. The biggest question however is with Namestnikov. Probably one of the main reasons I say take the deal anyway even if it isn't a keeper league is because Namestnikov's production is based on whether he's on that top line in TB or not all year long. With the way they're going I doubt that line changes any time soon, but if a change does happen he's probably the guy that's going to lose minutes. And then Marchessault is a decent player, but he's also one of those borderline players you could end up dropping if he doesn't produce. Of course losing a winger (Voracek) for a center (Matthews) does kind of suck as centers are easier to come by, but it's not like you currently have a bunch of stud centers and I don't think it's that big of a deal where you're dealing with elite talent.

So I'm saying maybe if it's not a keeper league. Really depends on how you think Namestnikov and Voracek will perform this season compared to Matthews. However if it's a keeper league I say do it. Edmonton is on the ups, Matthews will only get better, and you probably can only keep so many players anyway so getting having two or three elite players is better than four or five good players.

Hope this helps!

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