Would you do this trade?

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So here is my roster 10 man 1 point PPR


QB - Matt Ryan, Andy Dalton

WR - Antonio Brown, Michael Thomas, Marvin Jones, Sterling Shepard, Corey Davis

RB - Kareem Hunt, Devonta Freeman, Joe Mixon, Aaron Jones, Marvin Mack 

TE - Jimmy Graham

K - Will Lutz

D - Jags, Eagles (just for bye week)


I am 3-4.  My question is I have a guy who is 2-5 that has Brady and Wentz.  He is willing to trade his Wentz for my Mixon and Shepard. Would you do it?



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Pretty solid offer. I would probably take it & hope M Thomas knee issue isn't too bad. You have A Jones, so that helps your RB depth. 

I think Ryan does fine ros & like his playoff schedule, but the way Wentz is playing, he is the better QB to go with right now. Good luck!

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41 minutes ago, MovingTheChains said:

I wouldn't. You have 2 good QBs. Crazy how you are 3-4 with your roster. Lots of stars haven't lived up to expectations this year.

Yea terrible luck. Last week I put up 127 but played the zeke and McCoy owner and lost. 

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