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Fantasy Football Commissioners: Need Advice on how to handle potential corruption!

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Hello all!


I'd appreciate your input. I am the commisioner of my league and just found out about some shady nonsense going on behind the scenes. 


Here is the situation. 


Will call the first guy Bill. Bill's team started 0-5. He essentiallly gave up on playing for the year at that point because he was "too lazy". 

Another team owner named Chris, PMd Bill and reminded him to set his line up for week 6 (Bill had bye week slots to fill). Bill said he didn't want to play any longer and told Chris he was more than welcome to take Bill's password and change his line up from that point forward. 


Chris took that password and did just that. 


For the past 5 weeks Chris was filling in the empty bye week slots with Bill's best players. On one or two particular weeks, although the active roster has no "bye week" players, Chris would still switch out players into the active roster who were starters and were coming off the previous week's bye week. One of those weeks was against my team. I am in the hunt for a playoff spot, and he replaced a flex tight  end (Hooper/Atl) with Demarco Murray.


Also, when Chris first took over Bill's roster, he picked up Hooper off of waivers to fill the spot of Witten, who was on bye. That is the only waiver pick up or claim that was made during this time frame (i.e.--there was no trade offers, etc.). 


Final notes: Bill's team did not win any games this year, so it did not effect the playoff picture to the best of my knowledge. Also, the only two to know about this set up was Chris and Bill. I, as commisioner was not made aware.  


The second part of the scenario: 


Another player, Drew, sent a PM or Text to Bill asking him if he would trade his players who are: Thomas (NO) and Hooper(ATl picked up by Chris using Bill's account) for Chris's players which are (Crabtree and OJ Howard-TB). Bill agreed to the trade (which was the Friday 11/09 before the Saturday trade deadline 11/10) and once again offered Drew his password so he could make the deal happen. Drew logged into Bill's account and then made the trade. After the trade was accepted, Drew began making waiver claims under Bill's account. 

Here are the claims that were made:

Austin Ekeler LAC- RB (waiver)

Kai Forbath Min-K (To waivers)


Brandon Marshall (To Waivers)

OJ Howard TB-TE

Micheal Crabtree Oak WR

 Traded to Bill


Austin Hooper

Micheal thomas

Traded to Drew


Austin Ekeler LAC--RB (waiver)

Kai Forbath (To Waivers) 


Travis Benjamin LAC- WR (Free Agent)

Brandon Lafell (To waivers)


Los Angeles LAC- DEF (Free Agent)


 Brian Hoyer NE- QB (To Waivers)


All of the moves above were made by Drew. Bill stated that he consented to these moves. However, it doesn't seem that each move was confirmed separately, but rather Bill gave Drew the consent to make the moves that he wanted.  

This entire situation was brought to my attention through another team owner, who was texting with Bill. None of these individuals brought it to my attention. 


The only thing that seems to have an impact on the league is the trade, which, I see as collusion. I didn't contest/block the trade at the time because I noticed that during that week  Bill had made some transactions. Up until that point, He pretty much made zero claims on the waiver wire, etc., since week 5. So, when I saw that he once again was putting forth effort, I didn't really look into the stats/benefits of the trade, etc., and was happy that he was participating once again. (A little back story---there was a great deal of trash talking about Bill on th message boards at the time, and I thought that Bill read those comments and it inspired him to try and get a victory or two before the season ended). 


Now, we have a pretty tight playoff fight going on right not. Chris is pretty much a lock, but Drew, myself, and the guy who told me about this situation are in the running for playoff spots. The guy who told me is actually playing Bill's team this week, and Bill's team doesn't look nearly as bad as it did before. 


I am trying to present the facts the best I can without emotion. All three of these guys are pretty good friends and this has already impacted our friendships, and, what I do next will likely impact those friendships more. 


Please share your thoughts and advice. Thanks. 

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Not sure if you ever resolved this, but honestly if it were my league, everyone would get their money back. That is super shady and really unfair to the teams that weren't involved.  This isn't a free league where it's no big deal. One owner (or two in this case) having another owner's password and essentially running two teams, in a $100 buy in league, is messed up. I honestly don't even see how they could debate that or think it was ok.


Also, next year Chris, Drew, and Bill would all be looking for a new league.

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