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Currently have a $20 PGA League in its second year (re-draft no keepers)

Last year we ran an 8 team league but I am looking for as many as I can get this year (some people won't be returning)

Year long round robin style from the Tournament of Champions (week 8) to the Tour championship (week 44)

H2H matchups, most categories is a win.

For the most part, last year we used:

- Bogies or worse
- Cuts Made
- $ Earned
- Birdies
- Eagles
- FedEx Points
- Pars
- Top 10 Finishes
- Top 5 Finishes
- Top 3 Finishes
- Wins

Open to many suggestions such as adding Top25, Strokes, etc. Or increasing the entry fee

Playoffs will start as many weeks back as teams needed to correlate the finals and 3rd place game for the Tour Championship.

Roster size open to suggestions as last year we ran into a few problems where teams who made the finals didn't have enough players and needed to use FA system, etc.

Maximum 6 adds per week (possibly more depending on roster size)... You can either fill your roster, or go with the identical amount as your opponent for the week.

Email me for questions:

or join the league and take a look around!

Try this URL:

If it doesnt work:

League ID: PGATFL2018
Password: golf18

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