Miguel Cabrera 2018 Outlook

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I heard fantasy xm reporters raving about what great condition he’s in all winter. The second I saw him play,I knew I had been duped. He aged FAST.  He wreaks of Bautista and pujols. Even if he plays, he’ll be pulled in the 7th for  a base runner...pulled 10 times mid game because of a tweak. That’s in addition to severely dropped off stats. I broke my own rule and drafted a guy over 35 (is he 35?i dunno,he plays like he’s 45,I’m just guessing.). He also has 2 herniated disks.  I’d rather have a potential closer or a post hype sleeper than a guy who has a Brandon belt ceiling and an aj reed floor.

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every time he moved I was afraid he was going to pull something.  When he had to run to 1st or God forbid leg out a double I held my breath.  Just not worth the headache.  For what?  27 homers?  Screw it

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5 hours ago, Cesare13 said:

He tore a bicep swinging a bat. Swinging.....a......bat.  


That was almost a month ago, did you just find out now?

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