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Draft Sunday 8 PM E/T (or whenever we f'n fill up)- High Scoring 12 Team ESPN Points League

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This is the D-League made for and by the Lords of fantasy basketball. Must be a seasoned veteran of the craft and spiritual in your dedication.

League rules are simple. Hop on to our league chatango at the league home page (no longer on league home page, look below for link to chat) with a pimpin chatango tag to get noticed, respond to trades within 48 hours, set lineups regularly. 

About US:

Experienced League Commissioners

To give you a little perspective. My Co-lm, and myself do spend most of our time in our other 20 Team League prestigiously entitled "National Ballers Association." My Co-LM's and GM's there have poured hours and hours of time and energy into this league and will do the same for D-League. We hold extremely serious discussions regarding the future of our leagues. In 10 Epic seasons at National Ballers Association we have spewed enough trash talk to drive a mere mortal GM into fantasy hell and don't you dare judge us. 

We turned a modest league in 2006 into probably one ESPN's most active, insanely competitive leagues in the cloud and we are still rolling on! Do we get credit for this accomplishment? Hell no. Would we like credit. Hell yes, but who cares. National Ballers Association is a shark tank and if you're lucky we'll let you swim with us one day. D-Leaguer will slay, and we expect the highest level of competitive spirit from all GM's in any league we participate in. I know what you're thinking and you'd be right. D-League is a tool for us to use to find talented GM's that can hang with the big dogs at ballers. You're all pawns in our initiation system. If we think you got the sauce, we might invite you to the big show down the road. it's worth the fight too! If you're unaware (which you probably are) National Ballers Association is jam packed with a slate of goodies from Trophies, to power rankings, holiday classic championships, weekly game of the week, summer draft lottery, and did I mention trophies? If you say but wait there's no money involved? walk away from this thread now. If you have never heard of daniel theiss or sindarius thornwell. walk away from this thread now. Matter fact there may be a time later after the season where we decide the top 2 teams from D league get promoted up and bottom 2 from ballers get demoted to this humble 12 team short bus. This is still in early stages of discussions so don't get your hopes up there but rest assured we are willing to graciously inject the same amount of love into this league that we put into ballers. Would love to get the right group of teams here that mesh well, can trash talk without taking it personal, and absolutely get thrilled with trading/wasting hours playing a pointless fantasy game. One man's pointless is another man's bragging rights? or something like that..

Think you're up to the challenge?

Random Conclusion Quotes:

Work smarter, not harder. Never let up, Never quit down

(unless you absolutely have to, for example if there was a gun pointed at your head. always be aware of the levels anonymous online friends cos one day it may save your life. You're welcome.)


Drop a email along with your pick of favorite nba team, hell pick your 2nd favorite if your first is taken and I'll shoot an invite asap if you think you got what it takes. Also make sure you let us all know its your favorite team so we can abuse you in trades later. Don't waste our time, and if you do at least be man enough (or woman enough - yes that's right, we're gender neutral in this piece) to own it.. damn I use alot of parenthesis...

2 Conferences East/West
Must pick NBA Team

Teams Taken:

Magic, Bulls, Wizards, Knicks

Thunder, Warriors, T'wolves

5 Teams Left.

Link to League Chat: (may want to bookmark this as espn has removed script tags from league home page/LM note functionality) There is also a link to league chat on home page though. 

Myself - Orlando Magic
Chatango tag: ChiTownLM

Co-LM Team: Chicago Bulls
Chatango tag: DaJazz

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