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Ozuna Trade

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I play in an AL east/NL only 10 man 4x4 league. Cats are Avg., HR, RBI, SB, Wins, Saves, ERA, Whip.  $260 cap.  It's a Keep 6-10 with my current keepers being- Smoak $7, Dejong $8, Shaw $13, Arcia $4, Trea Turner $13, Hoskins $4, Souza $12, Gray $9, Knebel $4, Neris $9. 


I have an offer on the table for Marcell Ozuna $10 for Smoak and Roberto Osuna $20.  He already has Kimbrel at $23 and we need a minimum of three relievers on our squad.  I do think this makes my team a little better but is it too much of a lateral move? Plus, I would be giving him another elite reliever which tend to get hoarded in my league.  OF and 1st base are about equally deep too.  Is this a no brainer? Am I over thinking this?  Help and WHIR!

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Definitely not a no brainer. Osuna and Smoak both burst out last year, and I'm a believer in both. 


I would think a closer would be very valuable when there are only ~20 at any given point. I'm actually surprised you aren't keeping him, to be honest. 


I really like Ozuna, and I really like Smoak. Ozuna is going to have a little more name value, but Smoak is no slouch. I probably stand pat, but don't blame a guy for taking a deal like that. 

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