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What Keepers to hold onto for next year

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Afternoon gents, wont be winning my keeper league this year so am looking to make some trades for players next year. Looking to see what 5 keepers do you think i should keep on my team. I'm thinking Marchand, Kane, Quick and stuck on 2 more..Names, Barzal Serg??

12 team h2h pts keeper league:

Skaters: G=1, A=1, PPP=0.5, SHP=0.5, Shots=0.2, Hits=0.1, Blks=0.15
Goalies: Win=2.25, Loss=-0.75, GA=0.3, Saves=0.5, SHO=2

3 C - Trocheck(5th), L.Couture(9th), R.O'Reilly(11th), Nameskitnov(picked up as FA), Barzal(picked up as FA)
3 LW - Marchand(4th), Shipachynov(C), Tkachuk(15th), W.Karlsson(picked up as FA)
3 RW - P.Kane(1st), Simmonds(3rd), Zuccarello(12th), J.Anderson(picked up as FA)
4 D - E.Johnson(14th), C.Miller(picked up as FA), Ekblad(10th), J.Carlson(8th)
4BN - , Sergachev(20th)
G - Murray(7th), Quick(2nd), Subban(picked up as FA)

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I'm leaning Murray and Carlson.

I haven't played with a scoring system quite like yours, so take this with a grain of salt, but in general I like to address the positions that are hardest to fill first. Goalies are more valuable than D, which are more valuable than wingers, which are more valuable than centers... generally speaking.

Now by the looks of things, you only get to start one goalie (?), which would make it understandable just to take one goalie. But even then I think I would take 2 just because given that your other keeper options are nothing spectacular and that both LAK and PIT have decent chances at being good teams next season. And in a 12 team league with 5 keepers, I'm assuming the top 12+ goalies will be kept. So before the draft starts your 2nd goalie options are slim, which means you'll either have to draft one early or windup up with a backup goalie / starter for a bad team as your #2 goalie. If you do have 2 or more starting goalie spots, then definitely keep Murray.

For your other keeper pick, I'm not really sure. Carlson, Sergachev, Ekblad, Trocheck, Couture, and Barzal caught my eye. I think I'd probably lean towards a defenseman. I'm saying Carlson mainly because he's the #1 D on a team that can score, but I also see the upside and potential in Sergachev. Barzal is also an interesting one, but could be greatly effected by whether Tavares ends up staying in NYI or not.

Hope this helps!

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