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I've been involved in fantasy baseball for a loooong time and am looking for a new league.  I'm looking for what I consider to be a "standard" auction league for the upcoming season.  Startup leagues ok and I'd also consider taking over an existing team.




-  $50-150 buy-in

-  Weekly transactions

-  Roto 5x5 with standard categories (or small deviation therefrom)

-  Major and minor league rosters


-  Active and competitive without any a**hole factor

-  12-16 teams

-  Mixed or NL only

-  Prefer CBS but would be open to other platforms


If this sounds like your league and you have an opening, let me know!  Thanks!

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Wish you were interested in H2H as I have an auction league with an opening. If you'd like to consider it let me know,

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I am the commissioner of a 12 team mixed keeper league that has been in existence for over 20 years.  I am based in the New York City area, Live auction draft held in Norwalk CT.  Entry fee is $165 (no fee for in-season transactions).  Looking for somene to take over existing team.  Our rosters include both major and minor leaguer players, we use FAAB in season and weekly transactions.  Use CBS and we are 5x5 standard format ( track OB% instead of batting avg.).  Let me know if you want me to send league constitution.



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I am commissioner of an originally Bay Area-based baseball league that is now somewhat national with about half in the bay area. 


12 team, mixed, roto, default 5x5 categories

$50 entry, online live auction draft, Yahoo platform

23 starting spots (the usual) and 6 man bench, 2 DL spots

Five players can be kept for two years at their drafted price (or FAAB price)

FAAB for roster moves, $100 budget, $0 bids allowed

Daily roster moves. 155 GP limit per position, 1,400 IP max


About 5 players have been in for all 17 seasons. We added two new last year and are looking for two this year. No restrictions on trading (example, I traded $2 Trea Turner for $35-ish Madison Bumgarner in 2016 - traded a keeper for an "already stud")


DM me if you would like to consider joining, discuss, or need more info. Draft will almost certainly be second half of March. We are in a period of high turnover because we will not keep people who become very inactive, but the league is a lot of fun and mostly for bragging rights. Some owners in this league are in leagues with much higher entry fees, good quality competition overall.

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We have a 5x5 roto national league only in our third year, buy in $300 and we use league safe to make payouts.  Daily moves, trade all you want, $100 FAAB budget.  Our draft is Friday, April 6th.  Great league and commish is very experienced.  If interested email

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