Long running NL only league seeking 1- 2 experienced owners

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If you are looking to join an established league that values the draft above all, allows you to be competitive your first year and every year, and which never has a championship decided by who made the best dump trade, then think about joining us. We are a 12 team 5x5 NL league that has operated for more than 30 years. We hold a live auction draft in NYC, generally in late March. We use CBS and have daily transactions. Only 3 keepers allowed and only for 1 season and no dump trades as players traded cannot be kept. We use a 3-division set-up with division winners and top 4 overall receiving prize money---plus the team that finishes out of the money but improves the most in the second half of the season. Buy-in is $450 and ALL money is given out as prizes except for the CBS league fee.

Let me know if interested and I will send you the League Constitution.

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It is roto and yes we gather in a midtown conference room for the auction.

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