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12 TEAM - Auction - 5X5 Roto Keeper league - Has opening

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Please email:


If you are interested Rules below:


OCK’S AFBL 2018 Rules 

General – 


Entry fee is $150 – ALL PAYMENT DUE AT AUCTION (leaguesafe)

Prize distribution ($1800) – top half of league is paid out as follows: 
1 - $850 
2 - $300 
3 - $200 
4 - $175 
5 - $150 
6 - $125 

If season is cancelled for any reason, including Player Action, stats and standings will be FINAL, with prize money distributed accordingly. 

Postseason play-in games will not count. Make-up games played after the last scheduled day of the regular season will count. 

Format – 

Standard 5 x 5 Rotisserie Style Scoring to include the following categories: 

Offense Pitching 
R S 

There will be an innings cap of 1,400 innings. Pitching stats will accumulate through the full schedule of games the day that teams hit the 1,400 cap. No pitching statistics will accrue for the remainder of the season once the cap is reached. 

Lineup - 

Active Lineup: 13 Offensive Players, 9 Pitchers, 7 Reserves broken down as follows: 

Offense Pitching Reserves 
C P R 
C P R 
1B P R 
2B P R 
3B P R 

Rosters will also include 3 DL roster spots that can be used for players designated on the DL by the CBS software. 

Player eligibility is determined as follows: 

10 games played at a position the previous season 
5 games played at a position in the current season 

Minor League players determined by CBS position designation 

Player position eligibility managed by the CBS software. 

Draft – Auction - 

$260 – 29 players (IR not drafted) 
Minimum bid - $1 
Maximum bid - $232 

All 29 rosters spots are filled via auction style draft using CBS Auction Online Software. All players currently listed in the CBS database are available. Players not yet added to CBS player’s database are not eligible to be drafted in auction. 

Owners must fill starting lineup in auction. 

In Season – Roster 

Owners will be permitted to make daily roster changes between 
active/reserve players on their current roster 

DL players need to be activated no later than one day after being activated by MLB team. CBS will identify roster as illegal and needs to be fixed prior to the roster lock of the first game the day after activation 

Prior to the first waiver run, the salary cap will rise from $260 to and in season cap of $310. Rosters must stay below the in-season cap of $310 at all times (DL spots included) 


Free agents will be acquired through a Free Agent Acquisition Bid (FAAB) process. Each owner will be given a FAAB budget of $100 prior to the first waiver run. 

Waivers will run on Sunday Night and Thursday Night. 

Minimum FAAB bid - $1 
Maximum FAAB bid - $100 (restricted based on in-season cap of $310) 
Remaining FAAB money can be traded 

Trading is allowed. Trades must meet both the roster requirements along with work within the off-season cap. Commissioner has full autonomy on trade approval. Commissioner approval is required before trades are processed. 

Trade deadline will be 08/10/2017 



A player obtained at auction may be kept at the bid price for 2 seasons. 
Following the second season, owners must decide whether to extend that player for 2 more seasons at a $5 increase, or option the player for one more season at the same price, after which time the player would go back into the player pool. 

If the player is extended, the owner may choose after the fourth season to keep the player for a 5th year at a $5 increase, or place the player back into the pool. 

Finally a 1-time 6th year extension of +$20 increase can take place or place player back in into player pool. 

No player will be kept longer than 6 years. 

Players acquired via FAAB budget, acquired prior to the keeper deadline, will be eligible to be kept at a contract price equal to the price paid via FAAB. All other keeper rules outlined above will be applicable. 

Keeper deadline will fall on 08/16 for FAAB acquisitions. 

Teams will be allowed to keep up to 12 players. 

Total keeper contract values will be cumulatively subtracted from $260 in the next auction year. Remaining money will be available to fill open roster requirements 

Owners will designate keepers 2 weeks prior to the auction (specific auction dates to be determined yearly) via e-mail list to commissioner. Full keeper list will be published the day following deadline for keeper submission. 

Any changes made to a keeper list between the keeper deadline and auction, due to extenuating circumstances concerning a kept player (injury, etc), will be left to commissioner discretion. 

Any player may be dropped at any time without penalty, and that player's contract status will go back to 0. 

It is each team’s responsibility to make sure roster is in compliance at all times. Commissioner will spot check and back date errors. 

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I may be interested. If you can email me the details at and that'd be great!

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