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Mid-season Calder Conversation

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We're at the midpoint of the season, so I figured now would be a good time to look at some of the guys contending for rookie of the year. Based on what I've seen, here are some of the guys in contention.

Matthew Barzal
Brock Boeser
Alex DeBrincat
Yanni Gourde
Danton Heinen
Nico Hischier
Clayton Keller
Charlie McAvoy
Mikhail Sergachev
...anyone else you can think of.


So my questions are:
1. Who are your top 3 contenders?

2. Who is your mid-season winner?
3. Who wins it at the end of the year?

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Top 3:

Brock Boeser

Charlie McAvoy
Mikhail Sergachev

(Barzal close 4th)


Midseason winner is Boeser easily


I think Boeser wins it at the end of the season too. He is a streak away from 30 goals and likely gonna finish with a 30 30 season.


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I should probably say my picks as well.

1. I think the three finalists at the end of the year are going to be Brock Boeser, Charlie McAvoy and Matthew Barzal.

Boeser lead all rookies in points when I initially created this thread with 40, but has recently been passed by Barzal. He still sits at #2 with nearly a point per game. He's been good defensively, with a decent plus/minus of -2 on a bad Vancouver team (his linemates are -10 or worse). But the biggest thing is that he's been the best play on Vancouver this season and really the only bright spot on the team. Being able to take over the team like that as a rookie deserves a lot of credit.

McAvoy is the top defenseman on Boston, period. Ignore the fact he's a rookie, he's playing on the top pairing, lugging PP minutes, PK minutes, playing against the oppositions top players on a nightly basis... and succeeding. He's been a big part of the Bruins success this season. What will hurt him is that he's only put up average points (21, which is only 3rd amongst rookie D) and that his strong stats are things like plus/minus and TOI, which aren't as "sexy" on paper.


Barzal is the current rookie leader with 44 points, which is a point per game. He's provided a strong 1-2 punch down the middle in NYI along with Tavares, something the Isles have been looking for for awhile. If he's able to help push the Isles into the playoffs, he'll likely get a stronger consideration for the Calder.

Sergachev would be my #4, but I think his lack of ice time will hurt him. He'll have a larger role in the upcoming weeks with Hedman out, so he might be able to prove he's worth more minutes in that time. But if not he'll probably go back to his current role picking up a few PP minutes and moderate time 5-on-5. Keller is also someone who was maybe the Calder winner by the end of November, but has slipped a little bit on a bad Arizona team. My sleepers would be Danton Heinen, who has been really hot of late after playing part of the season in the AHL, DeBrincat if he gets put on a line with Toews or Kane and performs like Panarin did, and Hischier is NJ continues to roll.

2. My mid-season winner would be Brock Boeser.


To me he just edges out McAvoy, though if it did come down to an actual vote I think he'd probably win a little easier just because of his points (which is an easy metric and common measure for voters to use). Ultimately the difference for me is that Brock was able to become the best player on Vancouver and succeed on a team that hasn't been strong. Although McAvoy has been great, he hasn't been quite as dominant as Boeser has been.

3. My end of season winner is Charlie McAvoy.

This is who I think will ultimately be the most deserving in my own mind, not necessarily who I think will win. As mentioned, McAvoy doesn't have the outstanding points, which might hurt him. But the reason why I think he surpasses Boeser is because I think he'll be the more consistent player the rest of the way. If Boeser is able to finish with a point per game or better at the end of the season, then he probably wins. But I just have a feeling he'll drop off somewhere along the road as other teams start to match up against him better and make it harder for him to produce. I also think McAvoy's minutes will continue to increase as the season progresses and that he'll be able to polish up his stat line a little better than it is now. As well, going into the season the Bruins had huge question marks surrounding their D core. With Chara aging, Torey Krug was probably your top guy pre-season. So to be able to take over the Bruins D squad, which ranks 2nd in goals against, and to take a team that should have been fighting for a wild card spot (I had them missing the playoffs) and put them in a secure playoff spot... I think that has value. I know he hasn't been the only reason for their success, but he's been a big part of it.

I'm also a Bruins fan, so yes I'm biased. But I think the top D emerges over the top forward unless he continues to be a dominant force in the league.

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Did you guys see what Barzal did today in the rout of the Rangers?

Barzal is going to win the Calder. I'd be willing to put money on it.


As per the three questions:


1. Barzal, Boeser, Sergachev.

2. Boeser.

3. Barzal.

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