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2nd Year H2H Dynasty League Needs Team Owner

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Invitation to Join the Branch Rickey Memorial League (BRML)



You are hereby invited to consider the Branch Rickey Memorial Dynasty Baseball League.  No matter what your previous commitments have been…if you have a passion for baseball, you owe it to yourself to give due consideration to this opportunity.  If you are intensely competitive…if you are frustrated with certain aspects of your fantasy sports involvements that seem to limit you…if you find that results in your leagues often seem due as much to luck and circumstance as to your skill…you should definitely read on.  


You may think or say that you are already overcommitted.  You may say that you don’t know how you would find the time for another league.  To be honest, this isn’t just another league.  The BRML is like your most competitive fantasy sports league UNLEASHED!  If you are ready for a true test of your baseball prowess…this is it…as the commercial says… “one life, don’t blow it.”


You ask “well just what makes the BRML so special and challenging and different?”


For starters, it depends on your orientation.  Most fantasy leagues, roto and head-to-head alike, are full of rules to level the playing field and literally to prevent team owners with advanced skills from gaining competitive advantage.  Don’t get me wrong, I love these leagues…they helped cement my love for fantasy sports.  But I need more…and the BRML is it.


The BRML rules attempt to track MLB rules to every extent practicable as a matter of philosophy.  To give you some examples…see below…


1.     By formula, your team will build value in the BRML…yes, literally, you will build a balance sheet of FAAB$ based on a Wins and Points Scored formula…and not an arbitrary calculation.

2.     Games are played daily against one opponent…so you win or lose daily.

3.     Your 40-Man Roster has significance in the BRML.  These players are protected from the Rule 5 Draft and possible league expansion drafts.  These are the players who receive raises during the off-season.  These are the players with whom you may lock into long-term contracts if you wish.  

4.     You can stash players for future use in this league…up to 5, actually…by the end of a season, you have to activate them or drop them…but this capability gives you additional flexibility to test your instincts about seasoned players making comebacks from injuries or who are maybe late bloomers.

5.     The BRML has a Revocable Waivers process for post-trade deadline trades that tracks MLB procedures closely.

6.     There is no “monkey business” with the handling of minor leaguers in the BRML.  If their MLB team promotes them, so must you…if they eventually exceed their options, you must fully activate them or release them just as they do in the MLB.

7.     In the BRML, you have a Salary Cap…but you can exceed it at the expense of a Luxury Tax Assessment…it’s your decision as head of baseball operations.  However, just as in real-life, you cannot exceed the limits of your balance sheet.

8.     If you drop a player in the BRML, he becomes eligible for inclusion in free agent auctions during the off-season and you will have to bid on him just like every one else…just like in real life.

9.     Defense and speed matter in this league.  An OF with a strong arm can win a tight game for you in this league.  Guys who hit triples, steal bases, and score runs can make also make a difference.

10.   You must select only 1 SP for every game.  If you pick the wrong SP on any given day, you will likely lose your game unless your batters pick up the slack.


I could go on and on…but it’s all in the attached Rulebook for the 2018 Season.


How much time does this league take?


It’s a difficult question to answer.  The real answer is “as much you need.”  I find myself spending more time in the off-season than during the season.  We all have our own modes of operation.  I doubt that you will do much different with your time in this league.  But the decisions you make day in and day out will most likely have greater impact on results than maybe you are accustomed to seeing.


It sounds complicated…how long will it take me to come up to speed?


If you know baseball, then you are already up to speed…I’ll go out on a limb and say that “you will absorb the Rulebook in no time at all.”


How much cash is involved?


No decisions have been about cash yet.  When the league is fully established, we agree as a group on the cash requirements.  Eventually, I envision at least enough cash involved to make it interesting.  Cash involvement also helps secure team owner commitment.


If you are looking for something to really scratch your competitive itch and you really want to put your baseball prowess to the test, then I encourage you to CHECK THIS OUT!  Just email me at for additional details. 





Steven R Hyland


Branch Rickey Memorial Dynasty Baseball League

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