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WHIR Drop Bell or Lyles for Harrell?

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14 team redraft league H2H 9 Cat. 


My team is pretty comfortable in 4th place but of course I’m gunning for that top spot and eventually be in condition for the playoffs. Our league starts two centers and I only have Turner and Bell currently. I’m eyeing Montrezl because of his stash potential with DJ potentially being shipped. 


With thay being said even if Bell was a DNP-CD today its a hard decision dropping him considering his stocks potential and with the Dubs resting guys late in the season. I’m thinking to drop Lyle who has been insane but whose value will nosedive once Millsap gets back. Another drop candidate is Delon but as he as shown his game is very fantasy friendly.


Thing is I need 3 centers on my team to maximize the schedule, I already had some games wasted on full state days because I only have two centers.


Here is my team (pretty lucky with injuries so far): 





Gary Harris











From that list and my needs should I drop Lyles now for Harrell? I’m thinking long term here. It’s a punt assist team as well. 


If if I drop Bell, that will leave me 2 centers still so I think Lyles and Delon are the possible drops here.


Thanks in advance. 


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Your thinking is sound. Also I know it's tough in these deep leagues, but you're pretty likely to be able to reproduce any of your drop candidates off the wire in time. None have crazy upside, yknow?


ps: oof that 10 posts requirement is a goddamn slog to get to, man, a little much.

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