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Rolling Thunder

New York Giants 2018 Outlook

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On 9/21/2018 at 12:57 AM, bhawks489 said:

What happened? I was assured this offense was spectacular on these boards 


"Unstoppable" was the word of choice and taking the vegas over of 7 games because 11 wins was the accurate total I believe because there was no more rebuild since the 2016 playoff team was the rebuild.  OBJ+engram+shepard+Barkley behind solder+hernandez - - - defenses would have nightmares choosing who to stop- - -and snacks+apple leading the defense. Unstoppable. The 2017 season was an "'abortion" if I am quoting properly. 

Rotoworld forums have completely gone downhill with the rabble rousers and rumor chasers. :lol:


Personally i completely called the NFC East wrong putting philly dominating at the top and the redskins dead last and the Browns finishing .500  giving the AFC a run for the money was a complete whiff :D

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