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Jerzee Hitman

Free Yahoo 4 Sport Dynasty League (Rosters Inside)

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Have a Opening in a FREE Yahoo 4 Sport League. Previous owner is dropping out as his schedule is to busy at the moment. Must have knowledge in all 4 Sports and make a conservative effort in all 4 Sports.

Each owner is active as the league has been around for 2-3 Years. Notable Players you would inherit
NBA: B. Ingram, R. Westbrook, M. Gasol, K. Kuzma, A. Horford
NHL:  R. Getzlaf, D. Doughty, J. Quick, H. Lundqvist, D. Pastrnak
NFL: D. Brees, A. Kamara, T. Hill, J. Graham, C. Hyde
MLB: J. Turner, F. Lindor, M. Mustakous, M. Tanaka, A. Colome
If your interested or need more info send me a direct email to MattSharpless@YMAIL.COM
League: National Fantasy Sports League
Sport: NHL
Team: Rule of 2
Record: 64-75-26
Standing: 11th/16th Place
Keep: 15
Draft Picks: None Traded
Commish Notes - Team is only 5 Games Back of Last Playoff Spot.
C - E. Haula, R. Getzlaf
LW - J. DeBrusk, T. Pearson
RW - T. Toffoli, M. Gaborik
D - D. Engelland, D. Doughty, D. Forbot
UT - A. Kempe, D. Brown
BN - C. Jarnkrok, D. Pastrnak, J. Braun, M. Zuccarello, B. Gibbons, A. Ladd, B. Ryan
NA - A. Wagner, J. Bean, K. Clague
G - J. Quick
BN - H. Lundqvist, D. Kuemper, M. Neuvirth
NA - D. Ferguson, C. Peterson
League: National Fantasy Sports League
Sport: NBA
Team: Rule of 2
Record: 56-69-1
Standing: 11th/16th Place
Keep: 10
Draft Picks: Traded 1st Round
Commish Notes - Team is about 9 Games back however playoffs may be a reach.
PG - D. Fox, R. Westbrook
SG - L. Williams, B. Hield
SF - B. Ingram, K. Anderson
PF - K. Kuzma, N. Bjelica
C - A. Horford, T. Zeller
BN - E. Turner, N. Hilario, M. Gasol, D. Waiters, R. Jackson, J. Lin
League: National Fantasy Sports League
Sport: NFL
Team: Rule of 2
Record: 9-4-0
Standing: 7Th/16th Place
Keep: 25
Draft Picks: Traded 1st and 2nd
Commish Notes - Very Talented Team with a Young and Upcoming Defense. Team made the playoffs last season.
First two picks are traded.
QB - D. Brees
WR - L. Fitzgerald, T. Hill, W. Fuller
RB - A. Kamara, C. Hyde
TE - J. Graham
W/R/T - S. Perine, C. Anderson
BN - E. Sanders, J. Maclin, J. Matthews, S. DeValve, D. Webb, T. Montgomery, J. Edelman
K - R. Succop
BN - S. Hauschka
DB - T. White, A. Jackson, M. Lattimore
DL - T. Crawford, A. Hicks, J. Casey
LB - V. Williams, B. Irvin, D. Lee
BN - M. Edwards, J. Bostic, J. Jones, C. McCain, M. Peters, A. Okafor, M. Hooker, J. Allen
League: National Fantasy Sports League
Sport: MLB
Team: Rule of 2
Record: 124-170-14
Standing: 13th/16th Place
Keep: 25
Draft Picks: Traded 1st Round, Has 2 Second Round Picks
Commish Notes - Team traded the first round pick however owns TWO 2nd Round Picks
Hitters Eligible as Keepers
M. Adams
C. Arroyo
A. Barnes
J. Bradley
ME. Cabrera
E. Encarncion
J. Harrison
A. Hedges
J. Kipnis
F. Lindor
G. Lux
M. Mahtook
L. Morrison
M. Moustakas
J. Turner
L. Urias
A. Verdugo
B. Zobrist
Pitchers Eligble as Keepers
J. Barnes
W. Buehler
D. Bundy
A. Colome
A. Espinoza
J. Faria
J. Hader
J. Hoffman
H. Iwakuma
T. Kahnle
J. Kaprielian
B. Kintzler
J. Montgomery
H. Neris
G. Richards
J. Sheffield
M. Tanaka
C. Tillman
T. Watson
B. Woodruff

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