$1,000 Twelve team 5X5 league using LS

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Not sure how many I can gather up for a high stakes league like this but will give it a try.  It will be a No-trade league.  100 % of funds will be paid out minus the $100-150 cbs fee, on leaguesafe with majority approval option selected.  The cbs fee will be paid by me in full and I will just deduct $100 or $150, whatever it may be this year, from my entry fee.

We will be using FAAB for the waivers process.  The categories will be AVG, R, HR, RBI, SB for batting and W, K, S, ERA and WHIP for pitching categories.


I would like to do a league without any keepers and either a slow/extended draft or on a certain day in late March that everyone is ok with. 


Payouts for a 12 team league...

First - $6,840

2nd - $ 3,300

3rd - $ 1,860


Please email me and let me know if there is any interest. 

Thank You.


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Have 3 that are interested in this league so far.   We will most likely use Yahoo now for this league once the site allows it this coming Thursday.

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Just fwiw, not trying to tread on your turf but I saw you mentioned Yahoo. If you have trouble filling this league,  I will likely have spots open in my league that we started last year. Yahoo opens up on Thursday so I will get a head count of returning managers over the weekend and then will send out invites to new managers who are interested. Email if so. My leagues charge a $10 commish fee, that is $5 for me and $5 toward charity - otherwise it is 100% payouts. 



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just a quick update on this league...depending on if we get a full league


Online snake draft would be on March 27th at 8:30 PM ET.

We are definitely using yahoo and leaguesafe to hold the money until the season ends.

We have 3 in so far.

Again this would be a no trade league.



1st - $6,840

2nd - $3,300

3rd - $1,860


Email me if interested or would like an invite.  Thanks

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