$600 Slow-Extended Draft/Leaguesafe needs a few owners

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My league in its 8th year needs a few owners this year.   100% of the funds will be paid out on Leaguesafe and the Majority Approval option will be used.   We will be doing a slow/extended draft starting last week of March.  Below are the league settings.  Please email me if you have any questions or if you would like an invite.


Thank You.



Entry fee is $600. All entry fees will be collected on  100% of the money, minus the $150 CBS fee, which will be paid by me and will be subtracted from my entry fee, will be paid out on leaguesafe.

1st - $4,000
2nd - $2,040
3rd - $1,010
Draft Settings
Description Setting
Draft Format Extended Draft
Draft Order Type Snake
Draft Date/Time Your draft has not been scheduled yet. You can schedule a date/time from Draft Management in the Commish Tools.
Draft Rounds 29 Rounds, with 60 minutes between picks.
Draft Robot enabled from 10:00 am ET to 10:00 pm ET - picks are made automatically for teams that let the clock expire.
Scoring System
Batting Name Settings
BA Batting Average  
HR Home Runs  
R Runs  
RBI Runs Batted In  
SB Stolen Bases  
Pitching Name Settings
ERA Earned Run Average  
K Strikeouts (Pitcher)  
S Saves  
W Wins  
WHIP Walks + Hits / Inning  
Scoring Policies
Description Setting
Scoring System Rotisserie
Scoring Periods
Description Setting
Period Length Weekly scoring periods, starting on Mondays
Periods Start Monday
Season Starts Thu, Mar 29, 2018
Season Ends Period 27


Slow Draft Date:
Player Pool: Mixed (AL/NL)
Player Eligibility: Players are eligible at their primary positions and positions they’ve played 20 games last year or 10 games this year.
Scoring: Rotisserie
Scoring Categories: Batting Average, Home Runs, Runs, RBI's, Stolen Bases, ERA, Wins, K's, WHIP, Saves
Lineups: Weekly Lineups and Transactions. Lineups consist of 22 active players and 7 reserves. You must have 22 active and 7 reserves at all times (13 hitters and 9 pitchers should be active) or your lineup will be illegal. Active - C, one 1B, one 2B, one 3B, one SS, one MI (SS or 2B), one CI (1B or 3B), five Outfielders , 1 Utility player and 9 pitchers.
Transactions: We will be using FAAB to bid on free agents. Everyone starts out with a budget of $800. The FAAB process runs on Sunday night, Wednesday night and Friday night. There are no weekly or season long limits for transactions.
Trades:Will be executed immediately after they are accepted but if there are 3 or more complaints by other owners within 24 hours after the trade is accepted, the trade will be reversed.
Entry Fee: $600. The cost to use CBS for our league is $150 which will be paid by me so my entry fee will be $450 instead of $600. I will be using to collect entry fees and the majority approval option will be used as well.


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league is now full.  I have a seperate post for a $1,000 online redraft league if there is any interest?  I have 3 in so far.  Draft is on 3/27 at 8:30 pm et.  Its a 5x5 roto league with weekly lineups and transactions.  Also funds held on leaguesafe until end of season.  Please email me for full league details if interested.  Thanks.

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