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2018 Player Index

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This thread is being provided to facilitate the process of finding threads for specific players, teams, and topics of interest. The content of this thread is automatically generated by a script that monitors this forum for new threads and updates the index below. A new index thread will be created toward the beginning of each sport's offseason for the following season of play.

To ensure that new player and team outlook threads are found by this script, please pay attention to spelling, punctuation, and capitalization, and use one of the following templates for the title of any new outlook threads:

For player outlook threads, use [First] [Last] [Year] [Outlook], e.g. Mike Trout 2018 Outlook.

For team outlook threads, use [City] [Team] [Year] [Outlook], e.g. Philadelphia Eagles 2018 Outlook.

Links in the "Miscellaneous Links" section, if present, are selected by the forum moderators, or someone selected by them.

Many thanks to RW forums member @posty, who maintained the original player index thread on which this script is based.

This thread will remain locked to avoid any clutter. Please post any questions, comments, and suggestions you may have to this thread in the Fantasy Feedback forum.

*** Miscellaneous Links ***
20 Second Pitch Clock
ADP of 100+ in 2018 to Top 25 in 2019?
Baseball Metrics
Bold Predictions
Buy Low/Sell High
Category Leaders
Commissioners Corner
Cool Story, Bro!
Does Modern Baseball Still Have Its Mythos?
Durable Players
Early Season Trends: Team Runs
Fantasy Baseball Platform Central -- ESPN/Yahoo/CBS/Fantrax, etc.
Fantasy Team Names
Fantasy vs Reality
Fast/Slow Starters and Weather
Favorite Player to Own and Why
Hall of Fame Voting Thread
Holds: Any Official Tracking?
Injury Report
Injury Trends and HBP
MLB Season Predictions
MLB.tv (2017 thread)
MLB.tv (2018 thread)
March/April Closer Thread
Middle Relivers
More Humidors Coming
Ninth Inning Rule Being Floated
OBP vs Average For a Noob
Offenses to Stream SP Against
RP Eligible Starters
Rainout/Makeup Date List
SP Eligible Relievers
Speed Guys
Stolen Base Deep Targets
The Most Deceiving Stat
The Race to .200 - 2018 Edition
The Two-Way Player Issue...
The Worst Franchise in Baseball
Tiers: How You Decide Them?
Top 10 Overvalued Players: Agree or Not?
Under-reaction Thread
Vent & Rant Thread
Worst Fantasy Advice You Acted On
Zero Percent Shares

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If anybody has any links that are broken or new ones, feel free to add.

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Hey, folks.  I've set up a script that checks for new player/team outlook threads and updates here with any new ones it encounters.  It's looking for threads in this forum with a subject of "[player/team]" 2018 Outlook" so try to use that as your subject.  This should help keep things up to date without @posty and the RW forums staff having to do a bunch of busy work.  I have it set to run every four hours at the moment.


This is still a new thing, so it might break, but it seems to be working so far.  Let me know if you see any problems.

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Looks like it is working great as long as everyone does the layout like you have listed.  Great work!!  This will save me time from checking on this and keeping it up-to-date.


Just got to figure out how non-player threads that deserve to be added to the thread could be added.

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