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High-Roller, Incredibly Deep"Virtual" League About to Start - Needs a few More Owners

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I wrote about this league in another post and it had a lot of great responses and interest, but it needs another thread as we close in on Opening Day. For us, anyway.


Monday, February 12th is the start of the full offseason, and we are only a few teams away from filling the inaugural league (it had been in beta until now).


That full offseason includes everything from MLB including arbitration, the Rule 5 Draft, 40-Man rosters, full Minor League systems, contract negotiations, and of course, Batting Lineups and Pitching Rotations. If you want all the information on the league, itself, I'll gladly provide it, but the key of this post is to try to close out the last few teams with ownership groups.


Let's cut right to the chase. The prize pool for this year is $50,000 and the most important part is that you do not need to pay a league fee every year. You are purchasing a franchise. A tangible asset that can be resold and can (and should) win money every year. In last year's beta, every single team won some amount of money and there are 20 or so different ways to earn.


There are also a number of different ways to finance the teams, and the commissioner is great about working with people to make sure those who want to be in, get in. That is why we are at the point where splitting teams makes the most sense.


The following franchises are all that's left to sell, and their rosters are locked as their namesakes were on November 20, 2017:


rCardinals - Down Payment: $3,700* - Majority Share: $18,500*


rIndians - Down Payment: $3,750 - Majority Share: $16,900


rMariners - Down Payment: $2,750 - Majority Share: $13,750 - currently in talks with a potential owner, so this team might be gone already


rNationals - Down Payment: $3,850 - Majority Share: $17,900


By comparison, the teams that have already sold range anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000.


Also, please note that you do not have to pay off the majority share because you can re-sell these teams at any time. We already had two offers come in for purchased franchises higher than what was paid. Both were declined.


Because we are so close to the start of the offseason, the league is considering all reasonable offers for any portion of the ownership group. So, even a few thousand dollars will get a stake of both organizational and financial control of one of the remaining teams.


*rCardinals already have someone willing to pay monthly and let anyone who puts in the down payment run the team, so the only cost is $3,700, which is one of the least expensive in the entire league.*


With all that being said, I am actually not the commissioner, nor the person in the charge, but just another owner who is trying to help fill out the league before Friday. Tory ( is the man to contact with your questions, and he will work to put you in the ownership group that works best for you.

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rMariners are now sold! Just two teams left and one is only seeking a partial investment to get control of the operations. 

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And now the rCardinals are gone!


Just one more team left, the rIndians. And it is always a possibility to split it so inquire if interested.

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