Openings in CBS roto keeper league

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I have three openings in my CBS keeper league. This will be our 6th season.


15 teams


Mixed AL/NL


The entry fee is normally $200, but you only pay $100 for your first year. We use LeagueSafe.


6x6 roto scoring - batting average, walks, home runs, runs, RBI, stolen bases / ERA, holds, strikeouts, saves, wins, WHIP


40-man rosters - 23 active, 7 reserves, 3 DL, 7 minor leaguers


Weekly lineups


FAAB ($100 bonus for new owners)


Live online auction draft on March 24th


Minor league slow draft before the auction (you'll get a top 3 pick in all 7 rounds)


The available teams have been combined, so the three new owners will take turns picking players from this pool to start their teams. You'll take as many as you want, then you'll be able to complete your team at the auction. You can keep up to 40 players every year. The auction is optional. Salaries will escalate, but you can keep a player as many times as you want.


I prefer experienced owners, but as long as you're dedicated, you're welcome to join. If you'd like an invite so you can see the draft pool and the rest of the rules, send me a PM or email


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