The Epic Launch of Mr. Roarke's Hockey League - join now!

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Greetings all,

I've got over 20+ years of reputable trustworthy experience commishing fantasy sports leagues.

I'm happy to announce the creation of an exciting brand new hockey league for 2018-19 that combines all my favorite elements of fantasy --auction, keepers, competitive league depth, head-to-head, prospects / ability to build a team for future, playoffs, payouts for reg season and playoffs!  I'm looking for very experienced, mature, and fun-loving players that are interested in committing to a serious league for the long haul.


Mr. Roarke's Hockey League


League Basics:


  • 16 teams
  • $125 Buy in (LeagueSafe used for finances)
  • Prize money for regular season AND playoff performance
  • 9 category (G,A,+/-, PPP, Hits, SOG, GAA, Sv%, Wins)  H2H (5 weekly matchups) 
  • Double-elimination H2H playoffs
  • Auction ($225 budget)
  • 20-man active roster (4-C, 4-LW, 4-RW, 6-D, 2-Goalie); 8-man bench; 2-man IR; 8-man minors roster 
  • Keepers (up to 12 regulars), contracts, extensions, etc.
  • Annual pre-season minors Entry Draft
  • Rules favorable to drafting and developing prospects before they become stars
  • WEEKLY waivers and lineup setting
  • for league management
  • Perpetual traveling Championship Trophy
  • GroupMe app for league chat, trade talk, etc.


Full details on League Rules, Settings, and Bylaws can be viewed in a sample Fantrax league I created here:


Please hit me back soon (georgelindholm AT if you're interested with a little info about yourself and your fantasy experience.




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OK, after further research on optimal H2H categories, I've decided to go to 13-categories as follows:


Skaters:  G, A, P, PPP, +/-, Hits, Blocks, ATOI, SOG

Goalies:  GAA, Sv%, Wins, Saves

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FIVE slots are now filled, with 11 remaining.  Who else wants to jump in the fray?!  

Here's our league logo....


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BUMP.  We are live now for 2018-19 on Fantrax.


BTW, it is now NINE cat -- G, A, PPP, ATOI, SOG, Hits+Blocks, GAA, Wins, Saves


5 of 16 slots filled.  The water's warm....jump on in!

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10 minutes ago, EAGLESFAN2018 said:

I'm interested


By the way, please the Bylaw link. sent.  Thanks.

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