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Real-Life MLB Salary H2H Fantrax

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Anyone down to try an experiment like this? Would be players average annual salary (not base, not cap hit, excluding bonuses etc.)


would also NOT be a duplicate player league and would be a snake draft while  also staying under budget 

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Not only how many teams but...

Money or free?

Cats or points?

Daily or weekly lineups?

Roster size? Lineups (active)? Minors?

What's the source for salaries?


Post the deets man!



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Sorry guys just wanted to get an idea of how many people would be possibly interested!! I didnt have any settings made up when I wrote this

but, first thing's first: **$20 ENTRY**

The premium feature on Fantrax to use Salaries has been waived, so no worries about paying for premium share(s)

I've noticed some differences between USA Today, and Spotrac, but that after the fact that I have used Spotrac.

- Undecided on team amount although I currently have in 16 and am cool with that
- Draft will need to be done by the 28th as a league member is going on vacation, no date set yet though
- 25 rounds - 19 active, 6 bench, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, 3OF, 1 UTIL, 5SP, 3RP
- 8x8 most categories a win - AVG/OBP/TB/SB/H/R/RBI/HR + STARTER** Wins/QS/IP/(K/BB)/ERA/HOLDS/SAVES/WHIP
- Currently have cap at $175M but am still playing with it
- $100 season-long FAAB for free agents (this does nothing to their salary when a bid is won)

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