The Bigger League Seeks one replacment.

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We are a free ESPN, head to head points league with 8 keepers.


Our settings can be found here.


The Bigger League is seeking one owner! We pride ourselves on activity and participation. We're a 20 owner league that can boast full draft participation the last 4 years. We are competitive but friendly. We have incentives in place to encourage owners to stick things out even as teams fall out of the playoff picture.


We have a league constitution which can be found here. We realize that it isn't for everyone and that's fine. If you're like "Woah, that's crazy" than you can probably stop reading. But if you are like "Hey that's cool and looks really well organized" than continue on! We currently have 19 owners who enjoy and appreciate the structure of the rules. They make the league enjoyable and fun and there's no "unwritten rules". If we happen to omit something and realize it along the way we ask for league participation to add it to the constitution in most situations. Most of our rules and guidelines we have in place were a group effort.


Every time we take in new members and they end up being a fit they always end up saying it's one of the most well run leagues they've ever played in. We are picky on who we take in and there is a vetting process to make sure a person is a fit for us and after acceptance there is a probationary period to make sure new owners can adjust and become comfortable.


We do weekly recaps and have what we call "spots" with various stats and streaks and other neat things. We have a guy who does a year long spread sheet which always turns out amazing and is an awesome way to recap the season in a unique,above and beyond way.


We offer a lot for a free league. We're awesome and different. This is a great opportunity to get into a deep, well run and established league.


The team that needs replacing is here.


You would pick exactly 8 keepers from the roster. Keeper lock date is still several weeks as is the draft.


The following questions must be answered to be considered for the league.



2.Years of Fantasy baseball experience?

3.Best or Worst fantasy baseball experience ?

4. Something that you find interesting in our constitution?

5.Can you commit to the daily rigors of a large league like ours?

6. What timezone are you in?


Any questions on anything above and the answers to the above 6 questions can either be PM'd to me or sent to my email at i8mygoldfish86@gmail.com


Thanks for reading and good luck!




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 Interested... I sent you an email with the answers to the questions...



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