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Keeper League: Drop Weber or Crawford?

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I've been holding onto both of them hoping they will come back. Looks like they'll be out for the rest of the season, though Crawford still has a chance to return. I only have 1 IR spot, so someone has to go. We get 3 keepers, and my keeper situation is as follows.

Ovi - Definitely keeping

Weber - IR

C. Talbot
M. Jones
Crawford - IR

...and the list goes on (see sig for rest of team).

So... my keeper situation is pretty bleak. Normally I'd be okay with dropping Weber because he's getting older, which means his game is likely to drop off and he's bound to get hurt again anyway, but I don't know if I really have another keeper option. So do I drop Weber, a potential keeper, or Crawford, who has the potential to return this season?

Other notes:
- As of now, my keepers would be Ovi, Weber, and Talbot (reluctantly)... unless Talbot's ranking takes a massive hit due to this awful season. Voracek would be next on deck. And I'm not really sure what to think about the aging Keith after this season.
- Cats are G, A, +/-, PPP, Shots, Hits, Blocks, W, GAA, Sv%, SO.

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I have never played in a keeper league but if your in a good position to win it all this year I would have no issue with you dropping Shea Weber since he is done for the year. 

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I ended up dropping Crawford. Someone dropped Price recently and nobody picked him up. So it doesn't look like anybody's stashing goalies on the IR right now. I'll take my chances and see if I can scoop Crawford back up if he returns. If someone else goes down short-term though that I think could return in the playoffs, I'll probably drop Weber. 


Thanks for the help!

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