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Having the hardest time finding a final manager IRL.... so thought I'd resort to maybe having an online buddy fill this final spot.


Normally buyin would be $50, but i am willing to waive that cost for any person that loves this game enough to play a keeper league.   I'll only be waiving the first/intro year for you, but will need the buyins in future seasons. Im hoping for someone to stay for AT LEAST this season and next.  Only accept if you plan on playing for 2+ years.


Anyways this is yahoo format H2H 7x7 (Keep8)


DRAFT: March 24 @ 930PM (Saturday night) 


We were a 16 team league the past 2 years, but had 4 people drop out before Yr3...   two were due to non-payments, and two others due to mild disinterest in baseball


7 hitting cats: R,HR,RBI,SB,TB(total bases),AVG,OPS

7 pitching cats: W,K,ERA,WHIP,K/9,QS,SV+H




I am offering the free buyin because:

1) im in a rush to find this last manager....  kind of limited at time

2) the returning managers will be keeping players, meaning you will have a semidiminshed pool of players to draft....   I am willing to show you the four teams that did drop out, so you CAN pick a team that appeals to you and keep UP TO EIGHT players from that team.




THANKS SO MUCH for at least reading this RW-fam!   Please reply if you are even slightly interested and i will elaborate more.

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i saw it a moment ago... give me a day or so and ill have a reply to u.   i MIGHT just found that 14th already but ur first in line if not

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