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NEED JUST 1! 1st Yr Fantrax Dynasty H2H Multi Win $40 w Minors

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Why take over somebody else's mess when you can draft you very own 1st year Dynasty Team? $40 gets you a team in this brand new league on Fantrax with major and minor lg rosters in a H2H multi category wins league!!!!! Looking for owners who are looking to build a team for now and the future. Leave me your email if you're interested.


Interested yet?  RBI, Runs, OBP, TBs, SBs, HR & ERA, Whip, W, QS, K, S+H   Categories. 


Below is a snipit from our Constitution:


Roster size - 37 players (Regular season) (40 off-season) 
27 man roster - 10 minor league players optional (Teams do not need to carry any minor league player but can have a max of 10 minor league slots) 
You must stay within the roster limits and any players on the DL must be moved to reserve spots during the off-season. 

Lineup - 1 - C, 1 - 1B, 1 - 2B, 1 - SS, 1 - 3B, 3 - OF,  1 - MI, 1 - CI, 1 - U, 3 - SP, 2 - RP, 4 - P
players with multiple position eligibilty can be used in those positions. 

Draft -  The draft will be a random order snake draft 1-14, 14-1 For 37 rounds the first year.

After year 1, the draft will be 3 rounds. 
All rookies drafted the previous June in the MLB Draft and International free agent signings are eligible for the draft. 
An international signing with no MLB affiliation (either major or minor league) is not eligible for draft. 
Players signed after our draft starts must wait until the following years draft. 

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