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Drop Ingram for Bam?

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6 hours ago, patentboy23 said:

who's BAM? list some other FA options. 


Adebayo.  Probably the only "Bam" in the league.


If you're not gonna give us any more information than that, sure go ahead and drop Ingram, lol.

But if you want a serious and informed answer, give us your actual situation because the more knowledge we have, the better we can help you.


Oh, and just to give you some forewarning (I really don't know why I'm doing this since you didn't care enough about your own situation to help us help YOU), but consider that Bam only has 2 games left this week since he played one today, and then goes 4-3 to end standard POs.  Sure, he might be taking over for Whiteside, but we have no idea what's up with Whiteside, and Olynyk/JJ can also take minutes at the 5...Spolestra's even gone with Winslow there.

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