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Pickup Fournier

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Drop M. Muscala and/or Justin Holiday.h2h 9 cat 16x10 league. Current team is weak in FG% and blocks.


E. Fournier 

K. O'Quinn (Waiver)

A. Aminu (Waiver)

B. Jennings 

Jaylen Brown (Waiver)

D. Sabonis (waiver)

TJ McConnell 




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Erggg...I would since both are fairly dead weight. 


Jennings might actually be worth something (I have no idea why but I just KNEW he'd go off tonight.  Something about him with the Bucks and that 55 point game vs the Dubs a few years ago, lol), but he's not gonna help in the cats you need.


Can't really trust anyone, but I'd take KoQ for your needed cats.  Watch Jaylen and Fournier to see if they can get back on the court--it's unlikely since Jaylen's injury looked nasty and Fournier has no reason to return with his team playing for lottery, and BOTH of them have literally the worst PO schedules left (3-3-3)--but they're still worth owning.


Sabonis I have no idea on, but I think they've got a rescheduled game with the Pellies in Week 23, so at least he has a 3-4-3.  :/ 

I'd go with KoQ and Jennings personally with the caveat that both come with risk.



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