H2H Points, Dynasty, Auction, Minors, Brand New! GOOD OWNERS NEEDED!

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League fee is $125, hosted on Fantrax (which is awesome for contracts).  Auction date will be Wednesday at 8:30pm assuming the league has filled. 


This league is brand new! So no player has an existing contract.


Here is a summary of the rules, we have a larger constitution available for those interested.

-12 Team Fantrax H2H Points League with Contracts & Minor Leagues

-Prospect Draft, Signing Bonuses, Designated for Assignment Rules

-After the auction, all Player Values, Contracts, and Service Time will be displayed on Fantrax 

-Very Organized and Active

- Minor league/Prospect Draft is four rounds and scheduled to being as soon as the league is full. 

- All funds handled through LeagueSafe!

- Here are the settings:


The owners are responsible for signing players, both long term and through the auction, to a maximum $300 annual salary cap. Draft budget is $260. The buy in is $125 with all funds collected after the $6.67 per team Fantrax fee being paid out to the top 4 teams. Contracts tendered may range from one to seven years ($2  X  number of years added to existing salary). Extensions are subject to signing bonuses. Keeper salaries are deducted from a $300 budget, with the remainder to be used during the auction at Fantrax.


Email me at

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can you explain signing extensions a bit further?  I may be interested, I play in a very similar league to this but I much prefer yahoo

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Extensions are next offseason. Whatever you win the player for at auction is the base salary. The extension is # of years x $2 plus the base salary. So if you win a player for $10 that you want to extend 3 years, their salary would be $10 this year, and then $16 in 2019, 2020, 2021. Fantrax lets us customize a lot of the settings, and is really good about the custom salaries along with the minor leagues (milb does not count against the cap). 


Let me know if you're interested, we still need some good people. 

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