blackmon vs harper

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Blackmon easily.  Dude just gets it done.  Harper starts hot then either cools or gets hurt.  I'll take production over 'name'.

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Over the last 2 years:

Blackmon has 400 hits compared to Harper's 257. 

Blackmon has 155 extra base hits to Harper's 109. 

Blackmon Runs/RBI/Avg are 248/186/.328 to Harper's 179/173/.278


This is Harper's 7th season and we are still waiting for that breakout year.  He is strong and looks great but Blackmon GETS IT DONE.


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Blackmon because he is less riskier than Harper. Harper if you want to gamble on upside but if he gets injured again, kiss your league goodbye unless you have an outstanding draft the rest of the way and active transactions throughout the year.


Drafting Blackmon gives you more chances to take on riskier players later on in the draft. 

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