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Haven't seen anything on Evan White but the Mariners drafted 2 prospects that don't seem to get much hype and love but I absolutely love them in 1st rounder 1B Evan White and 2nd rounder SP Sam Carlson.


Evan White, imo, had the best (college) bat in the 2017 draft. Hes also been graded with a 65 grade speed and budding power. Scouts do knock him for his lack of current power for a college hitter and a swing not meant for hitting with power. So while he will never hit 30+ HRs annually, he will hit for a high AVG and swipe over 20+ bases a year with a few 30+ SB seasons in there. And I could definitely see him eventually becoming a 20 HR hitter. So a 20+/20+ High AVG hitter is a very possible ceiling for Evan White.


But it's not just his hit tool and speed that makes Pratto stick out. He's going to be one of the best defensive 1Bs in baseball. His defense at 1B is already on par with Bellinger and some grade it currently as a 70 and future 75.


White does have swing'n'miss but he shows good potential at limiting his strikeouts while being very good at taking walks. When he was at Kentucky, I remember watching him and thinking he reminds me of Andrew Benintendi when he was at college. But Benintendi had elite plate discipline in college and while White shows good PD, currently he tends to swing at bad pitches at times. 


It looks like the Ms are going to be super aggressive and start him out at AA this season which could easily have White up when rosters expand (assuming he plays like I believe he will).


Here's a link to an article from Sickels site (I believe) about the Mariners aggressive promotion of Evan White and his super fast track to the Majors:


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Yeah, I was going to post about him myself. Interesting he was playing with AAA guys. Glad I have a few shares. I think he is super underrated out of the guys in this past draft class he seems to get over looked because he's not flashy.


5 cat production and I think the power is underrated and still developing. Not to mention a great hit tool and approach that should make it play up.

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Promoted from A+ straight to AAA-a lot to like with him-still holding on to hope that he develops power-white has a plus hit tool/plus speed/double plus elite defender-hope he rakes in Tacoma


he struggled to start the season in A+ but turned it on once he got into a groove-like above poster dirtywater said, hes not flashy but has a really good approach

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have been looking closely at White. really like what I see. started slow but took of as it got warmer. a really bute of a righthanded swing. he only had 3v stolen bags this year but white has above average speed. if he can develop power, which seems to be the biggest unknown among scouts, hes gunna be a fantasy darling.

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