Playoff Hockey Snake Draft Leagues - $50 & $100

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3 draft dates

$50 Entry - Sunday, April 8th @ 9:45pm ET (Squeeze in after BOS-FLA game, if it matters in playoff standing)

$100 Entry - Monday, April 9th @ 9:30pm ET

$50 Entry - Tuesday, April 10th @ 10:00pm ET


All entries via leaguesafe and leagues are run on


Point system is:

1 point per goal

1 point per assist

2 points per goalie win

2 points per shutout


Snake style draft.

Once a player is eliminated, you lose that player. There is no free agent adds.

So some 2nd/3rd line player from a team that you think may make the finals MIGHT BE worth a higher pick than some superstar that gets bounced in the 1st round.


Roster Breakdown is

10 Forwards

4 D-men

1 Goalie


I might create more based on interest.


Email to join

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anyone else?


I have filled one 12 team league in each draft date.


And working on filling a 2nd league on each draft date.


Sunday needs 3 more

Monday needs 8 more

Tuesday needs 8 more

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Due to more late night interest am definitely considering League number 7.

Do it tomorrow night (Wednesday night) Sure there might be some games underway while we are drafting but a half a game to full game shouldn`t mess around with things too much, plus everyone would be to the same advantage.


12 teams (hopefully) But will run with 9,10,11 teams as well if thats what we have.

$50 USD via leaguesafe

9:00pm ET draft time on


I have 7 people who said they would join, those 7 people please confirm again, just so i can keep better record of it.

But we won`t need many more people to get this off the ground

Will send out invites once you confirm
Scoring will be the same
Will shrink down roster to 3 D to save us one round.
So roster will be 
10 Forwards,
3 D-men
1 Team  (instead of goalie, so you get credit for the team wins and shutouts)
Maybe you might have an easier time picking Washington, or if a your goalie gets hurt you dont get a zero from that spot

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