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Season Long Fantasy PGA

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Looking for some people that would be interested in season long PGA. I am running this for free the rest of this season on a trial basis and hope to establish an entry fee and prize money to run for the entirety of the 2018-19 season.


How it works:

Your part is simple - you just need to pick six players each week. No salary cap, any six players, but you can only use each player 5 times until the end of the season (expect this number to increase slightly when run for an entire season).


Points are obtained as follows:

  • Par = 1 point

  • Birdie = 3 points

  • Eagle = 6 points

  • Albatross = 10 points

  • Bogies = -1 point

  • Double Bogies = -2 points

  • Triple Bogies or worse = -3 points

  • Hole in One = Bonus 10 points

  • Make the Cut = 5 points

  • Tournament Finish = Fed Ex Cup points earned/10 (e.g. finishing first = 500 FedEx points/10 = 50 points)


Each tournament is a standalone event, obviously most points wins. However, the season long aspect kicks in based on your finish in each tournament. You will receive FedEx Cup points based on how your team finishes in the league. The league will use the real FedEx point distribution and you will have season long standings based on your points earned.


See the FedEx Cup point distribution here:


Ideally in next season when there is an entry fee I can have prize money in each tournament as well as prizes awarded for top overall finishers in season long standings.


First live tournament for the league will be next week with the Valero Texas Open. It is obviously in your benefit to join early for the most opportunities for points, but it is open to join at any point after that as well.


If you're interested in joining you can go here:

If you get prompted for a password try 'pgatour'


Hope to get a good size group involved. Let me know if theres any issues or questions!


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21 hours ago, Sportbilly said:



glad to have you.  i certainly recognize golf is a bit more difficult of a fantasy sport to find people for so recruiting is a bit slow to start, but hopefully can grow this over the remainder of the season and have a solid group for the full season this fall

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