Question on injured players

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Hi there - new user on the site.


Does anyone know how the following are progressing with their injuries and when they may be playing again:


Clarke Schmidt (yankees)

Joe Perez (astros)

Wander Javier (twins)

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Information on MiLB injuries, particularly at the lower levels can be impossible to come by. Checking Twitter on a daily basis is your best bet, but often you won't find much.

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Wander Javier is healthy enough that he's playing in extended spring training games as he recovers from his shoulder injury. The tricky thing for the Twins is that Royce Lewis is already playing SS in Low-A. They could promote Lewis, or have one of them switch positions, or have Javier wait for short-season ball. My guess is that the latter is most likely, though that's just me speculating and not based on any info.


Don't know anything about the other two and agree with the post above. This info can be tough to find.

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