1st season of espn non-money dynasty league

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I'm the LM of a couple of other espn leagues and I had to turn away a lot of people who wanted in so I figured since I have the time I'd start another dynasty league. It's a 10 team league with huge rosters. 40 man roster to be exact. 26 starters and a 14 man bench which will act as your minors. This is NOT a money league. After this first year each team will keep 30 players. All teams MUST keep 30 players. Any team that keeps less than 30, I will add as many keepers from your roster as it takes to get you to 30. 


Here is a link to the league settings: http://games.espn.com/flb/leaguesetup/settings?leagueId=211051


Please be active. I will post activity polls throughout the season. I will send an email to the league letting you know that there's a poll up on the home page. That's it. That's all the warning you get. If you don't vote for your own team on the poll after a day or two has gone by then you will be replaced. If you're going away then you'll have to set your line-ups in advance. If you offer a trade to someone and they don't respond or you notice the team you're playing that week isn't setting their line-ups and you think the owner may be inactive let me know. 


The draft has not been set. I will conduct polls and ask on the league message boards when the draft should be held. I want as many owners to show up as possible. It makes for a better league that way. We'll vote on a date, a day, and a time. I'd like to get this done as soon as possible since we're starting late. If you join and you don't vote on a date/day/time for the draft I will assume that you're inactive and will replace you. 


Starting next season I will manually set the draft order. It's very simple. The team with the most losses drafts first and the team with the least losses drafts last. If you won the championship in one season but you did it with the third least losses in the league you will draft third from last. Also, beginning next season I will turn on draft pick trading.


I think that covers most of it. If you want in and you plan on being active please leave your email and I'll get an invite out to you asap. Thanks for checking the league out.

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I want to join but wish to discuss something first.

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